Research and Results

PSI-PMI Research

Download “A New High School Science Program and Its Effect on Student Achievement in Mathematics and Science”, by Robert Goodman.

Dissertation on PSI by Dr. Robert Goodman, creator of PSI-PMI, outlining the effects of the program, and it’s teaching methods, on one high school. These methods are also employed with mathematics by PMI.

Download “How Well Do Advanced Placement Students Perform on the TIMSS Advanced Mathematics and Physics Tests?”, by Eugenio J. Gonzalez, Kathleen M. O’Connor, and Julie A. Miles.

This study compares AP performance to international results for AP Physics and Mathematics.

Download “PMI-PSI – An Innovative Strategy to Generate Meaningful Mathematics and Science Learning Among Students” by Edith Rojas and Robert Goodman.

This report discusses the impact of PSI-PMI in San Luis province in Argentina.

Download  “Report on the April 2013 New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning Training Mission to The Gambia” by Robert Goodman, Rosanna Satterfield, and Rycki Waldeck.

This report outlines the outcomes and recommendations for ongoing implementation of PSI-PMI in The Gambia.

Download  “Progressive Math and Science Initiatives in the Gambia: Program Evaluation” by Hanover Research.

This report outlines the outcomes from the implementation of PSI-PMI in The Gambia. Released September 2014.

PSI Research

Download “CTL – The #1 Producer of Physics Teachers”

On the heels of learning that its PSI reversed the achievement gap for advanced placement physics participation in a number of New Jersey high schools, CTL has also confirmed that it creates more physics teachers each year than any college or university in the nation.

Download “Ninth Grade Physics Reverses Science Achievement Gap”

This report shows the results of PSI in New Jersey high schools on AP Physics participation.

Download “Squaring the Circle: A Matematically Rigorous Physics First”, from The Physics Teacher, by Robert Goodman and Eugenia Etkina.

This paper describes and supports the physics first science sequence.

Download “Female Participation in the Progressive Science Initiative”, by Dr. Robert Goodman.

This report discusses the impact of the PSI on the participation of females in Advanced Placement sciences.

Download “External Evaluation of the Progressive Science Initiative, Alumni Survey”, by Glenn F. Nyre and Christine Talbot.

A third part evaluation of the PSI certification programs for physics and chemistry.

PMI Research

Download “Progressive Mathematics Initiative: Adams 50 Evaluation”, by Hanover Research.

In this report, Hanover Research studies the effects of implementing the Center for Teaching and Learning’s (CTL’s) Progressive Mathematics Initiative (PMI) in the schools of the Westminster, Adams County 50 (Adams 50) School District, in Colorado.

Download “Progressive Mathematics Initiative (PMI), 8th Grade Standardized Test Results”, by Dr. Rosemary Knab.

A report showing the results of 8th grade state assessments for four districts using PMI.

Download “External Evaluation of the Progressive Mathematics Initiative”, by Glenn F. Nyre.

A third party evaluation of PMI during it’s early development by six middle schools and CTL.


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