2014 NJEA Convention

November 4, 2014

CTL will be at the New Jersey Education Association Convention. Bob Goodman, Join CTL’s Executive Director on Thursday at 9:30am for “Opening Access to STEM Careers”, or participate in one of our other workshops throughout the convention. Continue reading

Job Posting: Graphic Design Intern

October 8, 2014

CTL is seeking talented Graphic Design Interns to work on its course materials. Continue reading

Trenton Central High Adopts PSI-PMI

May 12, 2014

Sometimes, when the challenges are sharpest, people rise to meet them with surprising clarity and powerful unity. That’s what has happened in Trenton, where leaders from the Trenton Education Association (TEA), the Superintendent, Trenton Central High and Dunn Middle Schools’ administrators, and the Trenton Board of Education, came together to bring the Progressive Science Initiative® (PSI®) and the Progressive Mathematics Initiative® (PMI®) to two Trenton schools. Continue reading

8th Grade Algebra-Based Physics Makes a Mark

May 12, 2014

At Roy W. Brown Middle School, advanced 8th grade students are succeeding in algebra-based physics courses. Four years ago, when the middle school offered its first single section of PSI® (Progressive Science Initiative®) physics, many students, parents and teachers worried that the material would be too challenging, especially because of the need for mastery of some algebra. Now, those fears are a thing of the past. Continue reading

New Funding Source for PSI-PMI Implementation

May 12, 2014

NEA has announced a grant program that can help affiliates across the nation strengthen education by implementing teacher-designed, technology–enabled instructional programs, including The New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning’s (CTL’s) science and math initiatives. Continue reading

The Thompson Family Foundation Becomes a Partner

May 12, 2014

In committing to a two-year program of support for ongoing PSI-PMI courseware development, the Thompson Family Foundation becomes CTL’s newest partner. CTL Executive Director Bob Goodman expressed his excitement, “Our courseware is the central core of all our work. Having funding partners who understand the value of the on-going effort that keeps our courseware current and strengthens its content is absolutely critical to our success. We are so grateful the Thompson Family Foundation has become an ally in that work.” Continue reading

Colorado Course offering: PSI Algebra-Based Physics for Teachers

May 12, 2014

Registration is now open for teachers to enroll in CTL’s PSI Algebra-Based Physics for Teachers courses. This course prepares teachers to teach PSI Algebra-Based Physics by teaching the content and how to teach the content. Participants can earn up to nine graduate credits.These courses will be available in Colorado Springs and coming soon, Denver. Continue reading

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